Monday, September 8, 2014

Video Inspiration: Oliver Jeffers

This week's blogpost follows my thoughts last week on the importance of doing sketches as a tool in fleshing out ideas. I keep reminding myself this as I often underestimate my own sketches and also think that it is way much faster (and more natural) to immediately go to painting the final work.

Here are two videos of Oliver Jeffers, sharing his passion and process in writing and illustrating stories for children. They are quite inspiring.

The videos also show that being a great author and illustrator is more than about having good writing or illustration skills. Great storytellers (either by word or drawings)  have powerful personalities, they have a very unique way of seeing the world, they have an awesome sense of humour and an inherently strong sense of wonder about all things. Being an author/illustrator is never about publishing a book (or getting famous or earning as much as JK Rowling), it is about telling the stories we are born to tell.

Oliver Jeffers

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